For those who are at work before the sun rises beanies are a must have item which are as much a badge of recognition as they are. Imagine your employees wearing a beanie on the job that’s keeping them warm and advertising your brand. And there’s no reason you can’t have the same success handing out the same promotional beanies as a gift with purchase or as a “thank you” to supporters. Because this popular knitted promotional merchandise style is guaranteed to come in handy sometime in the near future using a beanie as a marketing device is guaranteed to generate a return. For a brand that’s aimed young adults, promotional beanies make a much sought after marketing idea. With a huge range of beanies available, from knitted synthetic fibre models to woven wool beanies there’s something for every budget and application. Not just winter sports companies or anyone who might be subject to a drop in temperatures that can profit from beanie marketing. With the right branding your promo beanies can become a fashion item in their own right and with matching corporate colours a custom branded style can become a part of daily staff attire. Either woven to specifications or embroidered with your logo every beanie on offer is supplied customised to your requirements.