About the branded air freshener, whether dangling from a rear view mirror, plugged in to a vent or hanging from a window, promotional logo air fresheners are sure to be seen by many! Imprint the logo of your cell phone carrier on a phone, realty company on a house, fundraiser message on a ribbon or auto part store contact information on a flag. No matter what company you are promoting, we are sure to have a shape that will match your needs! The air fresheners also make great holiday gifts for those around the office or for treasured clients. Use our branded air freshener for all of your custom air freshener needs!

Personalized Air Fresheners-Create your own Designs
Step away from the ordinary and create your own personalized car air fresheners. Make air fresheners with family and school photos, for business promotions and special events in our easy-to-use Design Center or select exclusive designs from our Retail, Green, and Artist Series.

we have been manufacturing photo air fresheners for cars for 20 years and have printed virtually everything you can imagine. We have made fresheners from pictures of pets, runway models, famous singers, cars, sunsets, boyfriends, girlfriends, vacation pics, children, art, friends, families, churches, mascots, foods, students, illustrations, book covers, and a whole lot more. Whether you are a business, club, university, church, school, hospital, or an individual, there’s an air freshener for you. We ship worldwide so upload your photos and design your fresheners today!

Our paper construction resembles printing on compressed hair fibers which is a very dull surface, so a glossy paper photo will be more of a textured matte finish and will have some slight imperfections. As well, since the paper is made for absorbing it will also cause the ink to wick which reduces the overall print quality. It all adds to the unexpected beauty of such a truly unique product.

If you upload your photo in the design center, make sure that your image covers completely covers the template for the layout so that none of your important elements of your picture gets cut off. It is also very important to make sure that nothing gets cut out from the hole punch which is made for the string elastic. A hole in your girlfriend’s forehead is not a good look!


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