Custom 3D tape measure

From USD$ 1.88

Min Order: 500
Quantity Product cost ( Pick up from China ) Product + Sea Ship To (UK) Door Product+ Air Ship To (UK) Door
500 pcs USD$ 2.64
500 USD$ 2.64 USD$2.91 USD$3.41
750 USD$ 2.40 USD$2.67 USD$3.17
1,000 USD$ 2.21 USD$2.46 USD$2.93
1,500 USD$ 2.08 USD$2.28 USD$2.77
2,000 USD$ 1.98 USD$2.18 USD$2.67
3,000+ USD$ 1.88 USD$2.08 USD$2.57



  • Description #Custom moulded promotional Logo  tape measure
    #1.5 M
    #PVC + glass fibre
    #Tape size: L 1.5M x W 0.7cm

    Price includes logo molded
    Setup cost No Setup cost
    Shiping Read to ship (Production time)  2 Weeks
    Sea Shipping to Client’s door time (Production+sea shiping time) 7-8 Weeks
    Air Shipping to Client’door time (Production+air shipping time) 3 Weeks


Additional information

Weight 0.089 kg

*500 or less


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