Full colour digital printing credit card USB-8GB

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Min Order: 250
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250 USD$ 2.63 USD$3.01 USD$3.01
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  • Description Full colour digital printing credit card USB

    A grade memory.
    USB 2.0 chips.

    Size: 85 x 54 x 3mm (LxHxD)
    Material: ABS Body

    (Prices are for 8GB memory, other memory(1-64G) please enquiry)

    Price includes full color printing 2 sides

    pack: individual plastic bag packing

    Setup cost No Setup cost
    Shiping Read to ship (Production time)  1 Week
    Sea Shipping to Client’s door time (Production+sea shiping time) 6-7 Weeks
    Air Shipping to Client’door time (Production+air shipping time) 2 Weeks


Additional information

Weight 0.015 kg

Digital print (full color design)


*250 or less


Automotive & Offroad, Caravans, Educational Services, Mechanical & Machine, University & College


Charity & Community Event, Christmas, Company Seminars & Conferences, Election Campaign, New Year, Trade Shows, Wedding Favors & Guests