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Looking for unique car air fresheners?

We can definitely manufacture them for you! After nearly a quarter of a century of experience we have seen and produced almost every type of air freshener imaginable. Our slogan pretty much says it all: Express Yourself. You can order your air fresheners with any message, photo, logo, or design that gives you the perfect avenue into your market.

Car air fresheners are a great product for a giveaway item used to promote your business. They are small in size, light weight and thin, so they are easy to mail. It also makes them ideal for a trade show hand out promotions. One box holds 250 units and only weighs 6 lbs. so it is easy to transport or ship. Fresheners are inexpensive and comparably priced with other promotional items, so they are a great option to keep your logo front and center. Best of all, people love them and want to use them.

We make it simple to test and evaluate your layout on our product. With no minimums you can truly order one air freshener or a dozen different designs to see how your art will print and share it with your sales and marketing team so you know exactly what you are going to get on a full production run. This way you have the opportunity to make any modifications to the design so it fixes your precise marketing needs. Many of our customers order a small quantity and send one to each of their facilities so that they can process a large group order. We even offer shipping services to drop ship direct to each location or distribution center.

Being able to produce with low minimums also give you the ability to create a unique car air freshener design and produce a small batch to see how you can market them to customers. You have the opportunity to present to buyers without having to make a huge initial product development investment. You can take pictures of them and post your new product to your social media channels to start selling and to get feedback if the design or concept needs tweaking. They are easy to mail to buyers that have the potential to order thousands from you. With the ability to order with low minimums you can easily expand your freshener line into new industries and trending markets. We even print header cards so that you can have a retail ready freshener.

Unique air fresheners are also idea for end users and ideal for birthdays, weddings, baby showers, clubs, teams, and other celebrations. Since you can use photos, the opportunities are endless. Use our design center or download our app to your cellphone or tablet and get started today. Your family, friends and customers are waiting for them!