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Promotional Lanyards
Worn almost everywhere promotional lanyards are about security, convenience and identity. Used either at conferences, events or as part of the everyday work uniform, lanyards come in a extensive range of styles, colours, materials and with a wide choice of clips and attachments. For company ID and security cards nothing beats them, making sure your ID is visible and comes easily to hand.

The traditional lanyard has become a corporate staple, as much a badge of recognition and authority as practical utility. Depending on the use and budget you can choose from cheap styles with a simple screen printed finish through to custom designs which have stitched satin backing and woven branding. If your company is a manufacturer or the staff operate heavy machinery, quick release safety clips which come apart if they become tangled or hung-up are a life-saving feature to consider.

Our lanyard manufacturer direct range covers all styles and prices. Whether you’re planning to order for your own company lanyards or give them away there are few better ways to provide practical and highly visible branded corporate wear with the same impact and genuine value. A lanyard carry whatever you need closest to hand – from keys to mobile phones or security ID.